Ivory Brick Tiles industry is a manufacturing company specialized in production of standard and first grade quality brick tiles of all types, to cater for the market demand in Nigeria, South Africa and Europe.

Our company uses only top quality raw materials and cutting edge technology, controlled and supervised by a highly experienced team of industry professionals.

Our vision is to be a leading brick tiles manufacturing company in offering high-end building wall solutions, centered on quality, reliability and sustainability.

We have 24/7 customer service and highly trained officers who are always available to receive your calls and electronic messages. We are in the business to serve you better. Why not contact us today.



We only Stock the Highest Quality of Tiles. All at reasonable Prices along side the highest quality of Customer Service we can offer.

All our Staff are fully trained and have a vast knowledge of all our products. We feel it is important when purchasing something like Tiles that your are guided in the right direction.

We offer considerable prices in all our products.


Brick tiles are extremely durable, hard, can withstand in high traffic areas, extreme winds and humidity. It can resist to any kind of stains. It can last for years to come, if maintained well and it is economical too for the people who are on budget.

Brick tiles are simple to care for, can clean up dirt and spills easily. Simultaneously, the natural colors of brick tiles will tend to hide stains or imperfections over time.

Brick buildings, particularly double brick, have excellent thermal mass. In conjunction with good design principles, appropriate use of thermal mass throughout your home can make a difference not only to comfort but to your artificial heating and cooling usage as well. This is significant considering that more than 30 percent of the average home’s energy use is made up of heating and cooling

There are many components to consider when designing and constructing for bushfire prone areas that can improve the survival chances of a home exposed to bushfire. Ivory Brick Tiles meet the requirements of all six categories of the Bushfire Hazard building standard, including the highest  as all bricks are greater than 90mm thick.